Organizational Development

Your organization does not have a clear plan for achieving its vision. Your board members and senior leaders have different ideas about the best way to accomplish your mission, which projects to take on and the priority of them. They all want to move forward in ways to best serve your constituencies, but disagree on the strategy and tactics to accomplish that.

You want to get your board and senior leaders aligned on your organization’s strategy and how to achieve it. You want them to listen to and talk with each other to surface all thoughts, concerns and challenges. They need to share ideas with each other and listen with open minds. By establishing shared meaning and a plan, your nonprofit can began to move forward.

We’ll work together to increase your organizational capacity by aligning strategy, structure, management and operational processes. I have extensive experience developing and executing new operating models and strategic plans for organizations, and will make your process successful. I’ll design and facilitate retreats and planning sessions that will align stakeholders and meet your goals.

I’ll use my leadership skills and management experience to ensure that organizational changes are aligned with your strategy. We’ll effectively implement the changes that your nonprofit needs to be more productive, viable and innovative.

If you need assistance to increase your organizational capacity, please contact me and I’ll be happy to offer a complimentary initial consultation.