I Help Nonprofit Organizations to Deliver Strategic Projects that Drive Program Services, Increase Fundraising and Expand Organizational Capacity


I work with a wide variety of nonprofits with a variety of missions and goals. These organizations are cause-driven and dedicated to providing superior and impactful services to their constituencies.

You’re the leader of a nonprofit with committed and talented staff that work hard. You’ve done great things, and constantly focus on improving your results and achieving more. Your goal is to deliver the next level of program services to increase the outcomes for your constituencies.

Most of your team aren’t experienced project managers and work on projects in addition to their other duties. They don’t understand best practice techniques and struggle to achieve their project goals; and as a result, your organization suffers.

If any of these sentiments ring true to you, I can help ...

  • My staff are smart and hard-working, yet too many of our projects don’t achieve their expected value. This frustrates us because it reduces service levels to our constituencies.
  • We create seemingly realistic plans, but our projects miss their go-live dates and/or go over budget. What can we do better to deliver outcomes on time?
  • When stakeholders have their own separate goals for projects, it’s difficult and stressful for project leaders to keep everyone aligned on the objectives and avoid scope creep.
  • We are small and staff wear many hats. Resource constraints make it difficult to involve the right staff at the right time in projects. We need a better way to prioritize projects and allocate our limited resources.

I’ve been most successful with clients who …

  • … are part of a dedicated team who are committed to their mission, action-oriented, and go the extra mile to produce superior program services for the community.
  • are committed to continuously improving how they operate to increase the delivery of high quality, impactful services to their constituencies.
  • have visionary leaders who believe that a culture of transparency and open communications is important to align staff on strategic priorities and increase efficiency.
  • are open to doing things a little differently. To use relevant best practices and just the right amount of process to deliver planned outcomes on time.

Some of My Clients

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