PM Coaching & Mentoring

Your team is struggling to deliver mission critical projects. In addition to their regular duties, they’re working hard to manage one or more projects, and despite their concerted efforts are falling behind schedule. They need some help to get things back on track.

You want your projects to achieve their goals on time and on budget, and to increase organizational capacity by developing the skills of your staff. One way to do this is to provide them with one-on-one or group project management coaching and mentoring.

We’ll create a plan to coach your staff to use best practices to deliver project success. One size does not fit all; different projects and project managers need different support. After thoroughly assessing the situation, I’ll deliver coaching that’s appropriate for your team and situation.

My “just enough planning” and “get it done” attitudes strongly influence my project management coaching. During coaching, I help project managers to understand the importance of planning, and what and how to plan. But, equally important, we’ll focus on delivering the goods through effective project execution. They’ll learn when to stop planning and start implementing; how not to let “perfect be the enemy of good.”

If your team needs coaching and mentoring support to enhance their project management skills, please contact me and I’ll be happy to offer a complimentary initial consultation.