PM Framework & Governance Model

Your organization does many projects, and you’re concerned that you may not be doing the right ones at the right time. Though your nonprofit regularly undertakes many projects, it does not use best practices to prioritize, manage, monitor and resource them, and many of them are completed late.

You want to ensure that projects are aligned with your strategic priorities. Once the right projects are selected, you want them to stay on track and on budget. These projects must deliver important outcomes that will allow your nonprofit to expand constituent services, and help you to grow and thrive.

Implementing an organization-wide project management methodology and framework will provide best practices and a common language that will enable all of your teams to complete projects more efficiently and effectively. We’ll work together to implement a methodology that’s part of a larger framework and governance model used for all projects.

I understand that you want a project management methodology that adds value. It must enable you to assess and prioritize projects based on your strategic goals. It must be customized to suit your organizational culture and context, and only contain processes that are valuable and can be effectively absorbed by your organization. The methodology must build a bridge between strategy and execution to enable critically important projects to be successfully completed.

If your nonprofit tackles many projects and needs to implement an organization-wide project management framework to do it better, please contact me, and I’ll be happy to offer a complimentary initial consultation.